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          Company Introduction
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               Jiangyin Xinda Die¡ªCasting Co£®£¬Ltd£®was founded in 1972£®Through 30 years of hard work and continuous improvement£¬now the company has more than 800 employees including 58 employees who graduated from university or college£¬42 senior engineers and over 400 skilied workers who graduated from vocational school£®Scale of company has been expanded year by year and now the company covers a land of 70 thousand square meters and a building area of 50 thousand square meters£®Technology and equipments have been optimized continuously and now the company has 38 sets of die¡ªcasting machines with coupling of 140T to 1600T£¬and the brand mark such as IDRA£®UBE and TOYO of which 8 sets has capacity of more than 1100 tons£®The company also has more than 180 sets of ve rtical CNC machines and 9 sets of horizontal CNC machines and more than 500 sets of lathes£¬grinders£¬honing machines£¬milling machines and other correlative equipments£®The equipment effectively ensures stability and continuous improvement of product quality£®The company has imported 6 sets of inspection and testing equipments from the USA and UK which have necessary inspection conditions for production£®In 2002£¬the company successfully passed the SGS Company¡¯S IS09001 quality control system certification.
              Company has been appraised as AAA credibility enterprise of Jiangsu Province for many consecutive years£®In October£¬2002£¬Wuxi Xinshi Power Machine Co£®£¬Ltd£®was founded and its shares are controlled by Jiangyin Xinda Die¡ªCasting Co£®£¬Ltd£®Therefore£¬the capacity in precision machining has been effectively improved£¬speeded the technical development and enlarged the business scope,the company¡¯S international competitiveness has been further enhanced£®
              The main products are precision die casting and machining for aluminum alloy parts£¬which are used as accessory parts for Auto£¬diesel engine and gasoline engine£¬Generator£¬Motors£¬motorcycles£¬Power tool£¬Electrical appliance£¬Air compressor£¬Telephone communications and assembly of finished products of diesel engine and air compressor£®Now the company¡¯S products are export¡ªoriented and are mainly exported to the USA£¬Germany£¬Italy£¬Japan and Danmark£¬the Middle East and other countries and regions. ¡­¡­
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          Address: Mazhen Industry Zone,Xiake Town,City,Jiangsu,China   £ü  Tel£º86-0510-86522928-8011 86-0510-86259929  £ü  Fax£º86-0510-86521918 86529058 
          Zip Code £º214406  ÌKICP‚ä09059725Ì–-1
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